High School Skiers

High School and Middle School teams are the most important pipeline of new skiers entering the sport. WINN supports the Wisconsin Nordic Ski League (WNSLI) through it's Korteloppet Scholarship program, this year sending 32 kids from 8 schools to ski their first Korte. 

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Citizen Racing

While the very top end of the sport is the World Cup, most Wisconsinites who want to include competition in their lives and fitness plan can race in one of many races throughout the state. Check out the Silent Sports or Skinnyski.com race calendars for your next race. 

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A good day

Flying on classic skis!

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Outdoors in Winter

Until you try it, you realy can't appreciate how wonderful it can be. 

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Welcome to the Wisconsin Nordic Network. We are leaders of the sport of cross country skiing from around Wisconsin. We come from interested skiers, publishers, coaches and groomers and represent a great cross section of skiers in the state. 

Why Ski?

Cross Country skiing is one of the healthiest things you can do for yourself. The sports top athletes are among the fittest people in the world. Even an ordinary citizen racer can burn 800 calories per hour. But even more than that, this sport makes winter fun and believe or not, too short. 

Sponsor a Young Skier in the Kortelopet

 $60 Sends one skier to the race!



The Wisconsin Nordic Network encourages both casual winter enjoyment and healthy exercise through recreational cross country skiing as well as cross country ski racing. By connecting people from all the various interest groups and organizations, WINN plays the role of promoting the sport in Wisconsin. 

Our Partners

WINN works with other organizations to promote the sport in Wisconsin, each providing an invaluable service and lots and lots of time.

The Wisconsin Nordic Network

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